Falcons vs Redskins Live

Falcons vs Redskins Live : The Washington Redskins are taking on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason. Here’s a look at some bold predictions for the game.

Falcons vs Redskins Live TV

Let’s start with the bad news: It’s still the preseason. These games matter only for player development and roster construction and while that is interesting, any suspense that would normally exist late in a game is rendered meaningless.
The good news: It’s still football. And the third preseason week is often the closest we get to real-game action during the preseason. The Redskins are taking on the Falcons and should play their starters for about a half each, give or take, barring any surprises. And while the results may not matter, the Redskins could have a chance to win.

In his last 11 preseason games, Falcons coach Dan Quinn is a mind-boggling 0-11. That’s shocking considering that he is a good coach and the Falcons, when healthy, are one of the stronger teams in the league. They will test the Redskins with their talent, but hopefully, the Redskins can keep it close and give this 90-man squad a taste of what winning is like.

The Atlanta Falcons will welcome in the Washington Redskins tonight for their third (fourth) preseason game. All eyes will be on one very specific area of the field tonight.

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Sure, there are a several Atlanta Falcons battles going on that will have major impacts on how the final roster looks as of next Saturday; Bruce Carter, Jermaine Grace and Del’Shawn Phillips for example. But the most important battle tonight is going to be on the offensive line.

After the disaster that took place just a week ago, Falcons fans want to know what this team did to improve versus the blitz and how do they plan on keeping Matt Ryan upright tonight. Is the communication any better? Will Matt Gono solidify his place on the active roster again or will a guy like John Wetzel with more than seasons worth of actual starts take his place?

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