Eagles vs Ravens NFL Game

Eagles vs Ravens NFL Game : What do you want? Though Carson Wentz won’t be playing in Week 3, we should still get a nice preview of these two teams when they clash on Thursday in Philadelphia. Both the Eagles and the Ravens plan on contending this year, and this will be our first chance to see what these teams might look like during the regular season.

Eagles vs Ravens NFL Game

After getting bounced from the playoffs early last year, both squads hope that better luck with health, more experience, and key signings will lead them further into the postseason in 2019.

When the bell rings to start the regular season in less than three weeks, the Eagles hope Carson Wentz, having been kept in protected quarterback bubble wrap throughout the preseason, remembers one thing: to take the red jersey off.

After all, that will be the first time in nearly nine months he takes a hit, that red jersey worn in practice serving as a warning sign for defenses to “keep your hands off the merchandise.”

welcome it Eagles vs Ravens NFL Game

The Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens got to face off in practice twice this week. Now they’ll be going up against each other in a preseason game on Thursday night.

Well, sort of. We probably won’t see much of the Eagles’ first team units. Jim Schwartz’s defense might get some limited playing time after previously playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. But it’s hard to imagine we’ll see Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ starting offense.

Teams resting their starters in preseason games seems to be the way the league is going. Doug Pederson said as much earlier this week. A number of Eagles players talked about how joint practice reps are more valuable than uncontrollable preseason game scenarios.

That mindset is certainly different than how things used to be. The third preseason game was previously known for being the “dress rehearsal” game ahead of the regular season. You know, the one where the starters actually played into the third quarter.

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